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Thread: I've lost my "Maintain Window Size" option

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    Unhappy I've lost my "Maintain Window Size" option

    Two options that are documented in BW10 Help have disappeared on me.

    1. Analysis Tab options / Maintain Window Size
    2. Startup options / Remember Main Window Sizes

    I am using version

    My assumption is that the emphasis on scaling means that other flexibilities in display management are dispensable.

    At the moment, it appears that my BW window is a fixed size, and adding or deleting panes simply reallocates that fixed real estate. It is nice when dropping the second analysis pane frees up some space for things like my BW Help window. (Yes, I can resize everything manually, but I've been spoiled)

    I need to add that even if BW doesn't restore this flexibility, the upgrade to BW10 was worth much more than it cost.


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    Default maintain size


    That feature has been dropped because it conflicts with new features in BW and is obsolete. Check Setup | Flags | Startup Options | Enable Window Layout manager. It should be enabled by default.

    When this is enabled the program remembers column sizes and locations every time you change screen resolution, number of columns, scale factor, and a few other things. When you set the sizes the program should return to those sizes when you return to that configuration. It does what the old "maintain window sizes" feature did and much more.


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    Thanks, Mike.

    The universe is again as it should be.

    I didn't understand the new option. In the absence of explanation I assumed it had to do with scaling and resolution changes since it replaced a BW10 option that was supposed to do that. I have BW installed only on a desktop (I don't own a cellphone, let alone a smart phone or tablet, and my favorite editor is SPFLite), the scaling / resolution stuff isn't relevant to me; I wanted to insulate myself from those teething pains.


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