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Thread: Parsing exercises using KWIC

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    Default Parsing exercises using KWIC

    I am trying to develop parsing exercise sheets for Aramaic verbs for my own personal study.

    I found Tip 3.1 on the BibleWorks website under "Classroom Resources" which shows how to use KWIC to list all Hebrew Verbs in a Passage.

    This worked fine, and by adjusting the codes in KWIC, I was able to just select only peal perfect for one list, only peal imperfect for a second list, etc. I was able to copy and paste into an Excel table, used the "eliminate duplicates" function, and had a list of all of the individual forms of the verb in the Aramaic portions of the Bible.

    Unfortunately, I noticed that with perfect and imperfect verbs, KWIC did not include forms of the conjunction waw. In the infinitive construct, any prepositions were also omitted. Of course, these lists can still be used for parsing exercises, but I was hoping to be able to have the full forms of verbs as they appear in the text.

    Under the "words" tab in the analysis window, only the verb root and morphology codes are shown (not the fully inflected verbs).

    Is there a way to do what I would like?

    Many thanks.

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    Jim, I'm not quite sure I understand what you're aiming at. I haven't tried this myself, but if the KWIC is giving you "a list of all of the individual forms of the verb in the Aramaic portions of the Bible," it seems to me that you're already where you want to go. The conjunction and prepositions prefixed to infinitives absolute would not, in my understanding, really be part of "the full forms of verbs as they appear in the text," since the prefixes do not belong to the verb forms as such. Once you've got the verb forms themselves well in hand and have an understanding of their parsings, I wouldn't think you'd have any difficulty recognizing the meaning of a form with a prefixed or preposition. Or am I missing what you're after?
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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    Hi Jim,

    I'm not exactly sure I understand what is missing in your question, but perhaps this might help. I assume that you are conducting your searching using the WTM. If so, then your search results will not show vav prefixes on words, since in the WTM version a morphology word splits the prefix from the lemma. The lemma and the vav appear as two seperate lemmas. In order to view the inflected form of the search results, on the KWIC menu select "Options", then select "Display Brother Text (in KWIC)". Perhaps this will give you what you want.

    Glenn Weaver

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