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Thread: Thank You for producing Bibleworks!

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    Red face Thank You for producing Bibleworks!

    When I was installing BW10 this morning, at the end of installation came this line:

    "Thank you for using Bibleworks."

    That prompted me to feel somewhat guilty - Bibleworks is so great that it's I who should be thankful. So I came here to tell you, creators and producers and programmers and everybody behind the scenes, how grateful I am to you for producing Bibleworks. Thank you very much!

    Let God bless you even more in creating and giving this wonderful gift to the world!

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    I 100% agree. I have been using Bibleworks since version 3.5 some 15 years ago and is a driving force in my computer choices even to this day. A PC for me must have Word, Excel, but most importantly Bibleworks! This is why I waited for decent Windows tablets to hit the market because it would be only mildly usable without Bibleworks but with Bibleworks it allows me to take my most robust and favorite Bible tool with me wherever I go.

    Bibleworks is the best piece of software I have ever invested in. The best part is the guys and gals at Bibleworks, LLC. listen to their customers. They are a blessing to many!

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