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Thread: BibleWorks Crashing on Update

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    Default BibleWorks Crashing on Update

    My copy of BibleWorks is currently displaying the BibleWorks version as However, the BibleWorks "Check for Update" window is recommending that I update to the "BibleWorks Executable (". Whenever I attempt to update the executable BibleWorks crashes and gives me a "BibleWorks Shutdown Options" screen.

    Any ideas on how to address this? It seems that BibleWorks is asking me to install an old update. Is that correct? Is there anyway to remove this call to install an old update from the Update Menu?

    FYI: I am running BibleWorks natively on a MacBook Pro (Mid-2010 Model) running OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4.


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    This was fixed this afternoon. The current patch does not crash.
    Mark Eddy

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