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Thread: Sort Vocabulary by Book Frequency/Export Unicode

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    Default Sort Vocabulary by Book Frequency/Export Unicode

    Hello all, quick question, I'm making a vocab list using the vocab. flashcard module for one specific book in Hebrew, when I sort by frequency, it sorts only by the total frequency in the HB, not that specific book (although it does show book specific frequencies in the column), is there any way to sort it by how often the words appear in that specific book?

    On a related note, when I export the flashcard list and then open it in another program (Excel) to use the list in a iPhone flashcard program, the Hebrew is not unicode (it is BWHebb font), so I can't use it in any other program because it is not a standard font, is there a way to export flashcard lists in unicode? Thanks in advance


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    Perhaps the Context Tab will be more useful to you for this task.

    The Context Tab lists the words in the Book according to frequency, and lists the frequency in that book. There are a couple of settings you will want to change to obtain and export the list:

    --set your display version to a morphology version (such as BGM)
    --Turn on Accent Sensitive Search on the Command Line
    --In the Context Window, open the context menu and select "Context/Word Tab Options" and select "Include Gloss in List Export"

    Now you can open the context menu in the Context Tab and copy the Book Context list to the Clipboard and paste it in Excell. If you have the Greek export as being in Unicode (the default setting), the font will be Unicode instead of the BibleWorks fonts.

    Glenn Weaver

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