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Thread: Video examples of exegesis using Bibleworks

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    Question Video examples of exegesis using Bibleworks

    Hello everyone!

    I've recently got my Bibleworks 9 and it's a really nice piece of software (that's why I've bought it after all).

    I am interested in videos featuring exegesis for sermon preparation using Bibleworks (preferably version 9) and original languages. Do you know where such recordings, if at all, can be found? Or even better, would anyone be willing to use their own precious time and even skype with me and screen-share (or record, or any other method) to show me how they do it or simply let me passively watch them doing it? I would be willing to pay for that, if needed.

    Here follows the background info to understand my situation better, but not necessary to read (I am not implying that the paragraphs above were necessary to read, but you get me)

    I am a chemistry student in Germany, 23 years old, and have to preach in my local evangelical church (once per week/fortnight). Our church in my town is small, it is of Russian origin (although we have Germans as well, and I preach in German too), and so (almost) every male member has to be able to preach, I included.

    Now, no one here has seminary education - there is possibility of going to Bible school, for one weekend per month, 4 years in total, but it's rudimentary and at the other end of Germany. No one knows original languages. Barely anyone knows what things like "exegesis" mean. And no one has Bibleworks. So there is no one to teach me.
    Theological education is not an option for me, because it's too liberal here in Germany, and now I wouldn't have money for it anyway.

    So, I am interested in preparing my sermons well to rightly divide the Word of God. I learn Hebrew and Greek on my own, got books on exegesis like those of Fee and Stuart and Blomberg and Bock and many textbooks on expository preaching, but I still somehow don't get it how to put it all together for a sermon. I imagine in seminary one learns it, but I don't have that luxury.

    Anyone willing to be my teacher for a session or two and to show me or just letting me watch how they do it (the exegesis part using Bibleworks - workflow, thought processes, use of Bibleworks features in the context of exegesis, etc) would be a great gift from God to me!
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    Some others may jump in (I hope) but you should definitely try here--
    and here --
    these should give you some good practical suggestions. They cover a lot of ground.

    Hope these get you started. If they raise questions you can't figure out, come back here.

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    RJ Blackburn
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    Hello SkipB,

    thanks for your reply!

    I've watched these videos and read through the whole help manual. I know how to use Bibleworks technically.

    What I am rather looking for is something that would give me the feel of using Bibleworks artfully.

    Or, in other words, I am a guy with paint (Bible text) and brushes (Bibleworks), and I got canvas. I know how to draw lines on canvas and how to mix colors - all the technical details everyone can do given a manual. But that doesn't make me an artist.

    I am also not interested in the painting itself - the end result (commentaries, sermons, etc), neither at theoretical example of 'how to' (eg. Fee on NT exegesis).

    But I am looking for an experienced painter, who creates art - an experienced exegete in action, who takes tools of Bibleworks and applies them to the text, and creates art - the exegesis for a sermon. A model I could model. Taken Bibleworks slogan "focus on the text", I am interested in the process of focusing, so that I can produce my own exegesis.

    Have I managed to express my need?
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    Hi Rokas,

    It will be challenging to reduce the process of exegesis and sermon preparation down to a couple of video sessions. Preparing messages takes many hours of work and thoughtful meditation on a passage. Trying to work through an entire process in video would be very difficult to do. This process is taught in many semesters-worth of seminary study.

    However, there are some materials that are specific to BibleWorks that may be useful to you. Here is a link to the text, plus video, that shows how to use tools in BibleWorks to accomplish various steps in the exegetical process. Here is the link: There are links in this paper to videos that may be helfpul to you. Yes, this does show technical details, but it is through going through these steps that the art of interpretation and sermon preparation develops. This material shows general steps for studying a passage. The bibliography at the end of the material will list some resources for further study.

    Each passage will have its own needs. Some passages have text-critical problems to solve, while others may not. Some passages have unique items, like relevant parallel passage, or Old Testament quotations in the New Testament. The content of the passage will determine what tools and processes you will want to use.

    Across the board, you will want to spend time reading and continuing to read the passage and book you are studying. Become very familiar with it. Notice unique words in the book, and how they are used elsewhere in the book. (The Use Tab is helpful at this step.) Try to identify the arguement of the book and how that argument is developed. Identify the main idea in your passage and how that idea is developed. Becareful not to read your theology into a passage. Pray that God will show you His meaning in the text. Until you find His meaning, you will not be able to identify the applications for yourself and your congregation. Once you have understood the meaning of the passage, now comes the hard work of finding applications appropriate to your congregation that are faithful to the original meaning of the text. Keep in mind the different people in your congregation and their needs. This will help to keep you from merely repeating your exegetical process in the pulpit. Show your congregation God's thoughts, not the process you went through to find God's thoughts. Let your study change you, and then let your congregation see your exitement for the truth that God showed your through your study.

    I know that isn't everything that you want, but what you are asking for is difficult to provide. You may be able to find some online education classes that will meet your needs. It would be best, though, if you could meet regularly with other men in your congregation, and perhaps a missionary or other evangelical pastor in your area, to discuss your process. Continue to pray that God will provide a mentor to you. I also suggest listening to sermons from pastors such as John Piper or John Macarthur. They have different styles, but are very focused on the Scriptures. By following their example you can see better how they studed the text and presented the results of their study to their congregations.

    Glenn Weaver

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    Hi Glenn,

    thank you for taking time to answer me.

    Indeed, when I reflect upon it, what I ask may be very difficult to provide. I am aware that the whole process of sermon preparation takes many hours - prayer, meditation, exegesis, finding illustrations, writing manuscript, etc. Even exegesis alone probably takes more than a few hours. And finally, under all that is the foundation of, as you point out, many semesters of study.

    The link you provided is excellent - it describes the exegesis process using various features of Bibleworks. What I want would be something like that done in video with a specific case study, that is with a specific passage. Sort of looking over the shoulder of somebody who takes the passage and performs exegesis (this step only - not finding illustrations and applications, etc) on it with those various tools. Like Piper's "Look at the Book", but more in depth, using original languages and using Bibleworks.

    I really liked the idea to pray for a mentor who could teach me this step by step. Going for it for sure.

    I will also take a look at their sermons (have listened before, but never with this purpose), and merge all that with your suggestions on how to study the text and with that article on how to prepare an exegetical paper.
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