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Thread: Bible has its own method of ANNO DOMINI display

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    Default Bible has its own method of ANNO DOMINI display

    BIBLE USES METER IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE TEXT TO DATE ITS BOOKS AND SERVE AS A CALENDAR COUNTDOWN TO MESSIAH AND MILLENNIUM, EVER SINCE GENESIS. That's the theme of this post. The meter is based on a doctrine the Jews still recite in garbled form, that God assigns 2000 years to the goyim (really 2100) then 2000 to the Jews (really 2100) and then Messiah comes (and He did, born 4103 from Adam's Fall). To see JUST THE BIBLE's own timeline without any other source, you can view . The origin for the Jewish statement is in Psalm 90. To see how Psalm 90 furnishes proof of the 2100 and 2100, go here: . But those are complex videos. If you need a simpler start, go here:

    I've been working on this for seven years, and now have the confidence to state it categorically: whether in the Hebrew or the Greek, Bible has its own system for telling you when something happened and when any given book (or sometimes, even a particular chapter) is WRITTEN. I call the latter, 'dateline meter', and its based on the writer 'sevening' the words (by syllable counts).

    In the NT, the writers 'seven' to tell you their book dates, based on events in Christ's life. I've been making videos using the Greek pasted from Bibleworks' BGT, showing this live in the text. Sometimes the variants make a huge difference, and without the CNTTS embedded apparatus, I'd not know the vital differences.

    For example, Paul has a penchant for dating his books based on Christ's AGE at the time written, and since Bible has two timelines for His Age -- one based on Abrahamic deadlines and the other based on Davidic -- Paul sometimes uses one timeline or the other. The Abrahamic deadline corresponds exactly with our 'AD', because Varro's calendar is three years overpadded (as Livy, Nepos and others complained at the time Augustus was considering which Roman auc to adopt). So Paul neatly accomplishes the adjustment to Varronic dates, by using the Abrahamic timeline.

    Upshot: every Bible book dates itself, as to when written. So all the arguing that's gone on for centuries can cease. Well, as soon as you see for yourself, how the Bible (Hebrew and now Greek) meter works. is my vimeo page with the latest of these videos on it, plus some orientation videos, since I've now documented this meter in over 20 Bible books. Will finish documenting the dateline use of the meter pan-NT, in a few days. I've done all the NT books now except for Titus and Philemon, though I've not yet posted the dateline meter videos for Romans and both Thessalonians. Will be doing that by the weekend.

    You can test all this live onscreen. I use Bibleworks 5 to show it, but occasionally BW9, which I also have. Feel free to ask questions here or in vimeo. I post here because this will help many resolve many pesky Bible date questions which have plagued scholars for centuries. I learned it all by accident, when analyzing Moeller's 'Great Isaiah Scroll', back in 2007.

    This stuff is vital to textual criticism and hermeneutics. It's also JUST THE BIBLE, so there's no need for attribution, no credits or copyrights to observe, other than BIBLEWORKS, which I adore. Just observe the methodology, and you can date ANY Bible book, yourself. Ergo all this disclosure. Not right, that I should keep it to myself.

    I know there will be a lot of scoffing and skepticism. But anyone can count syllables. The system is very sophisticated, it's syntactical, and it goes back to Psalm 90, which the previous link's videos, will explain.
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    @brainouty on twitter, 'Brain Outy' on Youtube, brainout on vimeo. Specializing in Bible dateline/prophetic/Autograph validating meter which since John Knox scholars sought but didn't find. We found it in 2008 and document it pan-Bible.

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