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Thread: TDNT 10 vol vs. 1 vol

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    Default TDNT 10 vol vs. 1 vol

    I've been a missionary for 22 years in Argentina, and am now returning to the US. What do do with all my books???? I can't take them all back, so I am trying to make wise decisions about what to take, and what to leave here.

    So, although i have the 1 vol TDNT, I never consult it, since I have the 10 vol set. But, is it worth taking the full set (34 lbs!!...@ $200 per each 50 lb suitcase I take back, this would cost $136).

    I'm not a professional "academic," but I try to do serious work.

    Question 1: Does the 1 vol give me the essentials? or do I really need the full set?

    Question 2: If the 10 vol is worth it, is it available for $136 or less? (I don't have time to do much ebay research right now. The plane leaves in about 60 hours!

    Question 3: Anyone have a set for sale?

    Thanks for any input!


    P.S. Can't wait to get settled and get BW 10!!!

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    Default Scan your books

    My answer to this question has been scanned books.
    I bought a Fujitsu double sided document scanner (around $400) and a good heavy shear. I shear the binding off the book, stack the pages in the scanner and hit the button. The result is a PDF copy, not a true epub. But is is fairly compact and you can give yourself as many back ups as you want. I do a backup by stored image online as well as on more than one hard copy in more than one location. That's my solution, and I've been pretty happy with it. The downside is no book to pick off the shelf. The upside is you have all your books wherever you go.

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    Well, I don't have the equipment, nor time to scan the 10 vols of TDNT in the next 48 hours.

    Still looking for opinions re: relative value of 10 Vols vs. 1 vol.

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    If that is the cost for bringing it back, then my humble opinion is that it's not worth that price. Most of the time I find what I need in the 1 volume edition in my BW package, even though I have the 10 vol. too. I believe the 1 volume edition will meet your needs easily, and if/when you feel the need to repurchase the 10 Vol. set. CBD will typically have it for 99.00 plus shipping-- a cheaper price than you'll be paying to bring it to the states.

    David Spear
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    KJV Romans 3:28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without (apart from) the deeds of the law.

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    The 1-volume version contains none of the extra-biblical literature, and none of the OT Hebrew materials (that I have seen). The other lexicons in BW cover the same NT material as does the 1-volume version, just from a different perspective. Having said that, as a parish pastor I haven't cracked open a volume of Kittle for years. Seldom is there a question that comes up in my Bible study or sermon preparation which necessitates consulting extra-biblical texts. And if it does, I can always do a word study on Josephus or Philo in BW. So, if you can find someone down there who can use your full set of Kittel, it might be good to donate it.
    Also, the 1-volume version is available on BW. So you don't need to bring that back either, unless you have been making notes in the margins of its pages.
    Mark Eddy

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