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Thread: Colors in the Browse window

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    Default Colors in the Browse window

    Hey! I've been a BibleWorks user for a number of years now. But I admit, I still don't know how to use a lot of the features.

    Right now, my question concerns the colors in the browser window. How can I turn them off/change them?



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    There are different ways the colors can be set, and different reasons for setting them. If you go to the "Tools" drop down menu at the top of the screen, followed by "Viewing the Text," there are a few different options for setting colors to be found. The most likely one (or at least the one I primarily use) is "Text Comparison Settings." This is used to highlight variants in the browse text against whichever version you wish to compare it. I'm pretty sure there is a "How to Video" on this under the "Help" menu.
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    If it's the text comparison highlighting you are asking about, remember: With the mouse clicked anywhere in the browse window, typing "e" is a toggle turning highlighting on/off.
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