View Poll Results: What Operating System runs on the computer(s) you use for BibleWorks?

95. You may not vote on this poll
  • Windows 95

    1 1.05%
  • Windows 98

    10 10.53%
  • Windows ME

    2 2.11%
  • Windows NT

    0 0%
  • Windows 2000

    12 12.63%
  • Windows XP (Home)

    43 45.26%
  • Windows XP (Pro)

    39 41.05%
  • Mac (VirtualPC, etc.)

    1 1.05%
  • Linux (Wine, etc.)

    11 11.58%
  • Other

    0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Operating System do you use?

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    Default What Operating System do you use?

    What Operating System do you use?
    Last edited by Charlie; 04-02-2004 at 04:02 PM.

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    It actuallly depends on where I'm sitting at the time.
    I voted under only one but I use Winxphome (downstairs), Win9se (upstairs), and occasionally Linux.

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    Question Poll: where and when did you first hear about BibleWorks?

    Charlie: I would be interested in a poll of
    1. Where did you first hear about BibleWorks?
    2. When did you first hear about BibleWorks?

    I'll give my answers if you set up such a poll.

    If we are able to do this ourselves, btw, please tell us how.

    David McKay

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    Default Starting a Poll

    To start a thread with a poll, in the General BibleWorks discussion forum, for example, you click "New Thread." You give the thread a title and put the content of your first post in. At the bottom of the new thread page under "Additional Options" is an option entitled "Post a Poll" where, to do so, you would check "Yes," and enter the number of Poll options you want. Then, when you submit the thread, a page comes up when you can enter the poll question and options.

    I assume the adminstrators have enbled poll posting for regular users, but I can't be sure until it's submitted. Go ahead and try your hand at it!



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    I use the latest porducts I can obtain, I use Windows XP, Office HE 2003 or XP and of course BibleWorks 6.0........ I could go on for a very long time from here,


    Jim Tifft

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    Default Multiple OS

    Like tcblack, I use different OSes. I voted my main compu (Win XP Home), but also use it sporatically on a 98 SE box.


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    Default Win XP >>> Unicode?

    Now I realize that the sort of person (such as myself) who would respond to this poll is probably a little more interested in operating systems than they need to be, and as such is probably using newer equipment than many...
    ... but, it is interesting that 70%+ are using a version of WinXP... and that means that BibleWorks really does need to be working on moving over to Unicode.
    (I've been asking about this for more than a year, and BW has been hesitant because to switch because Unicode works only with some effort on Win ME and not very well on Win98 or earlier.)
    Everything new I now compose, I do in Unicode. I use a Word macro to convert from BW to Unicode, but to get Hebrew, Syriac, Greek, and everything in Unicode is definitely the way to go. Using Tauvesoft's Keyman with a Unicode font (such as the free Cardo) is a wonderful way to work.

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    Default Tell us your OS

    MGVH makes a good point, but this poll does not accurately reflect all BibleWorks users. I don't have any official numbers but I don't think even 50% of our current users are on XP yet. This is an interesting poll though, so please do vote if you haven't already.


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    Default Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie
    What Operating System do you use?
    WinXP home-edition
    Roel Schipper

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