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Thread: Revision of Griesbach's 2nd Edition

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    Default Revision of Griesbach's 2nd Edition

    I have now completed a revision of Griesbach's GNT 2nd Edition.

    This largely involved going through his text and looking for additions (usually indicated by a 'plus' sign or 'crosshatch' or sometimes an equals sign). I found that these additions to the text were NOT flagged in the main (middle) apparatus and were thus missed on the first transcription. This has resulted in just over 100 words being added to the text.

    Happy Christmas,


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    Mark Eddy has made a VMF file for the updated GRI database (thanks Mark!), and I have also amended the BWW file, largely to reflect the fact that some of the lengths of other critical texts have changed since last year when I first produced the GRI file.


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    Default Third Revision of Griesbach's 2nd Edition

    I've just completed a third revision, comparing the text against Pasquale's manual edition, cleaning up some mistakes.

    Hopefully this will be the last revision!


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