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Thread: Bible Software Pricing Comments and Using Bibleworks 8 on an Apple MAC

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    Default Bible Software Pricing Comments and Using Bibleworks 8 on an Apple MAC


    I am a huge fan of BibleWorks and their pricing model. SO I have tried to figure out whatever way I can to get BibleWorks to work on my MAC. For a while I used VMWare, but I got annoyed with the Windows boot process and the upgrade prices. VMWare kept making upgrades then requiring you to pay in order to use it (especially for the latest Yosemite upgrade). It's ridiculous.

    I'm also a little puzzled and annoyed by other Bible's software's pricing of $1000 of dollars to buy their software and then requiring expensive upgrades in order to keep it working (for whatever reason) or to use it on a new version of Windows or OS X.

    So, I started to tinker around to figure out how to get BW8 to work without upgrading VMWare and without using a virtual machine. Because really, I'm not ready to upgrade to BW 9, I'm waiting for BW 10 (I do every-other-version upgrades).

    Just thought I'd write a quick post informing anyone interested that I have successfully got BibleWorks 8 to work on MAC OS X (Yosemite and Mavericks) without using VMWare or Parallels or VirtualBox...

    For those who like to tinker and want to try to get it to work, I used:
    Wineskin Version 2.6.0 ( and
    WS9Wine 1.7.10 Engine within Wineskin.
    I also had to install ie7 using "Winetricks" within the "Wine" app I created.

    You can find instructions for a lot of this using google.

    Maybe at some point I'll write up instructions on how to accomplish this. But figured some of those version details would be helpful for those searching.

    There is one problem: Every time I start BW 8 it says it needs to install Flash 10. NO matter what I try to get Flash installed within the Wine instance, I can't get it to go away. If I click "OK" on the dialog, BW starts just fine. If I click "Cancel" it does not start. I think it has something to do with the "windows registry" within the wine instance but haven't had time to tinker more to figure it out.

    Other then that... BW8 works fantastic and certainly is better than spending hefty upgrade prices for VMWare and Parallels. Not to mention the wait time required to "boot" windows in each of those.

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    Default Crossover works too

    I'm in the same camp with upgrading every other time. I have to use Parallels and VM for work and keep them updated, so this isn't an issue for me. However, my wife has an older MacBook Air that lacks storage and memory, so installing BW8 using Crossover has been very helpful. There are a few little bugs, but for what she does with it, it works just fine.

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    Yes, but even Crossover will require one to pay to upgrade.

    The wineskin option is free and easy and doesn't cost everytime OS X is updated.

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