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Thread: What do you use on Android devices?

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    Default What do you use on Android devices?

    I hope I am not raising a sensitive subject, but I realized after researching and trying various highly recommended "Bible aps" that what I want from a mobile device Bible app is apparently different from most and then it dawned on me that my focus was more in line with BibleWorks and shaped by many years of using BibleWorks. Primarily I want access to the original language texts (Byz & WTT in BibleWorks) with morphological and lexical tagging for occasional help, cross references, and search. From reading on the forum I see that this subject has been a bit volatile in the past and I post only out of my respect for BibleWorks and the philosophy it is based on and BibleWorks users. I tried the Logos android app, but since I do not own the Logos Bible study program I can find no way to access the Hebrew text. I can read the GNT comfortable with the free SBLGNT witch is tagged and displays many textual variants. I have not found a way to do what I want in Cadre Bible or Olive Tree or a host of others. MySword does look promising, but I am not sure I want to donate at the level of Deluxe edition since I am at this point only exploring Android devices. I have used Bible+ on a Palm phone for the last several years and it did/does what I want, but Palm is no longer available and supported and someday I will be forced to another option. I am playing on my wife's android tablet.

    So the question is: “What do you use and why?”
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    Since I do own a Logos library, I often use it on my Android phone. Otherwise, I most often use MySword for Android. It's fast and has most of the texts I want.
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    I have Logos, but virtually never use it on my Galaxy S4. Instead, I use Olive Tree, in which I have both Heb and Gk. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

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    I use OliveTree on my Android phone (and earlier on Palm). I find that it does a good job with original languages as well as a variety of English versions for what I want. I use the NA/USB NT Greek text rather than Byzantine, but they do have that available in a parsed edition. I'll admit that their searching is not great (in comparison with BW, at any rate). Is that the main thing you're missing with OliveTree, or is it something else?
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    Default Olive Tree on iOS and Android

    For many years I used Olive Tree on an iPod for my portable scripture needs, The bundles for Hebrew and Greek cost extra but were very serviceable.
    I also had it on my phones, (android and most recently an iPhone). I have been very pleased with the software. Recently I have been carrying a tablet most places. I have had 2 very different Windows tablets. (My favorite a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet disappeared mysteriously. I now use an ASUS which is not as nice, but a lot cheaper. I have become so accustomed to a tablet, I needed a quick replacement.)
    On each I have had an installation of BibleWorks. This is now my preferred way to easily carry a library for biblical studies with me most of the time. (I apologize for that awkward sentence, but it is true.) BibleWorks on a tablet is a no compromise solution. I almost always have my tablet at hand, so I seldom use the Bible on my phone. But I am glad that, when I need it, Olive Tree gives me almost everything I could ask for. For me they are complementary tools. My only caveat, to have Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and English on my phone is not a cheap decision. But once you purchase the licenses you can move them to future devices.
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    I also own a Logos package and use their apps. I like them and find them usable for what I need. I use mine mainly for quick reading of both English and Greek (very rarely Hebrew.) I also have enjoyed using some of their other tools that they are adding including passage and Exegetical guides. I also just recently found that they had a flashcard app, and have been using that connected with Logos package. I only have a phone, no tablet, my hope is to eventually have a tablet that can handle a full Bibleworks install and no longer need some of those other apps.
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    Thanks to all of you who responded. I may have to look at Olive Tree again.
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    "It is not our task to secure the triumph of truth, but merely to fight on its behalf."--Blaise Pascal

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