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Thread: "Fatal Error" starting point

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    Default "Fatal Error" starting point

    Every now and then I receive a message from the Bible Works program which indicates that a "Fatal Error" has occurred (I think that that is the term) and Bible Works has to restart.

    I am then given a list of "Starting points" to choose from. This is a list of dates and times.

    I can select one, or delete if I desire.

    What is the purpose of these. What happens if I "delete" a date, or go to an older date than "today" (I normally go to the date for today).

    I have noticed that it does impact upon the display when Bible Works restarts, but does this also impact upon the updates that I have received?

    Many thanks.

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    BW support staff could give you a more authoritative answer, but my understanding/experience is as follows.

    It's a long time since I got that kind of an abnormal end in BW -- I mostly get a Windows message that BW has to exit, and it goes without giving me a chance to try to save work in progress (especially annoying when I was colouring all the lectionary passages, and it would loose all the changes I had made since last starting BW). The improvement to BW I would most like to see is the ability to save all working files (Colour files, Ini, Context, etc.), without having to exit and restart BW.

    This confession of ignorance having been offered, I think the "Starting points" you speak of are Checkpoints.

    When BW creates a Checkpoint it saves
    a copy of the program (Executable),
    a copy of your ini file (Initialization file) which includes most of your preferences that persist from session to session,
    and a copy of the Tabs control (Context file), which contains all of the information that allows you to switch between tabs (Those little buttons above the Command line that by default are named 1 to 12).

    I think that the BW default (you can change this default) is to create a checkpoint each time you successfully exit BW. BW only saves one checkpoint per version (update) of the program (Executable), and keeps overwriting the previous checkpoint until you update the Executable to a new version.
    Unless you have cleaned up old checkpoints, you probably have a long list of Checkpoints, one for each Executable update that you applied. (I have never cleaned up mine, and there are 94 in my BiblewWorks9/init directory)

    When you ask BW to restore to a Checkpoint, that window has 3 check boxes, one for each of the 3 files described above. Check or uncheck these boxes to restore the specific file(s) you want.

    So the question is, what caused the problem?
    In my experience, the Initialization file is the most likely to become corrupted, so I usually uncheck the "Executable" box, and ask BW to restore the Initialization and Context files (leaving them checked). It might be OK to uncheck the Context file box, but the two files are closely related, so I usually play it safe.
    The further you go back in time, the older the copy of you preferences and tab contents will be.
    (I just discovered that if, when you exit BW, you use menu item File/Checkpoints/Exit and Save Checkpoint BW will give that Checkpoint a unique name, so it will stay around until you choose to delete it. If you are at a point where you have a lot of customizations and special tab settings it might be good to force a unique checkpoint that way.)

    If you believe that the problem is in the program, then check the Executable box for the last previous version of BW, and restore the checkpoint. In this case you have undone your last update, and probably want to wait until BW comes up with its next update. Reapplying the update is possible, I think, if you really want to. No other updates (to versions, mapping files, etc.) are affected.

    Having said all of this, I would not recommend going back to a checkpoint just because BW had a fatal error. I'd just let it crash, and restart it normally, unless some feature(s) of BW were not working right.

    My apology for a long answer when you wanted a simple one.
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    Thanks Jim,

    Complicated is just fine when it answers the question.

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