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    I have been considering getting a tablet or something that was large enough to be able to access BW when I am in the pulpit. Particularly, I want to have access to the Hebrew text and the LXX (I have always carried my Greek text when teaching, but don't want to take my Biblica Hebraica, or my LXX hard copies as it would be too cumbersome).

    My question is regarding the best electronic device on which I could easily see the text and could install my current version of BW 8, which I would only use on one device at a time (I understand copyright). Something with a touch screen is preferable, since I do allow quiet electronic devices in Bible class. I only intend to access it occasionally, but when I need the text, I need it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ron Snider, Pastor-teacher

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    Are you talking about teaching in an interactive context, such as a Bible Study or Sunday School, where different spontaneous questions arise through the flow of discussion, or in a Sunday Sermon context?

    I can see the value of a Tablet, Laptop, or similar in the former, where, obviously we cannot be prepared for every eventuality - no matter how much preparation we put in.

    However, I cannot see how a Tablet would be of benefit in the context of preaching a Sermon where (normally, but not always) our preparation has been done through our research, study, thought, prayer and writing through the week.

    For my own benefit I include Greek or Hebrew words in my sermon - but rarely bother to mention them. They are there as reminders to me. Hopefully the study through the week has helped to clarify the point of text or grammar which is then shared with the people.

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    Actually, I teach verse by verse from the original languages and provide my congregation with printed notes to follow as I teach via monologue. I am just trying to figure out the best and least expensive hardware that will allow me to be able to access the Hebrew text or the LXX when I am making citations. Occasionally, when I am citing a verse, I cannot remember (I am almost always a month ahead in my study) which English term represents the Hebrew or Greek term I am referring to; however, if I can see the text, I immediately know which term is represented by the Greek or HEbrew.

    I just need portable access to my texts with a screen big enough so I can readily read it while I am in the pulpit. I would like the best, most cost-effective device that will do that job and thought that perhaps some of you had some ideas.

    Thanks for any input,
    Ron Snider,
    Pastor-teacher, Makarios Bible Church

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    Bibleworks will run on a windows 8 tablet, according to their website.

    On my android device, I have Olive Tree, for which various Greek and Hebrew versions are available (including NA28). Some are free, some are to be paid for. This is also available for iPhone / iPad as well.

    Does that help?


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    I would support Stephen's suggestion of looking into OliveTree. If all you want to do is look at the original-language text on a mobile device (phone or tablet; Android, iPhone, or Windows), it's great. You can look at two versions at once (Greek and English, Hebrew and Septuagint, etc.). It does simple searches, but nothing with the grammatical sophistication of BibleWorks. They have a variety of Bible dictionaries, atlases, commentaries, etc., also available. The basic reader software is free (give away the razor, sell the blades). Currently you can get BHS OT, Nestle-Aland 28 NT, and Septuagint (all with critical apparatus, but not parsings or dictionaries) for just over $100 total. They have frequent sales as well.

    I use OliveTree when I'm in church, in a scholarly gathering, on the road, etc., and just need to consult texts. I use BW on my desktop and laptop for real research. It's a great combination.
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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