It seems like this should be so easy. I'm trying to search the Greek text (BGM) for numbers. I have no search limits set, i.e., the whole biblical text is to be searched. I've gone so far as to copy codes from John 21:11 (where I knew there were numbers) and paste them onto the command line, e.g., .@acgmpn for τριῶν and .@ac---n for both ἑκατὸν and πεντήκοντα. I know they're in BGM--I'm looking right at them in the Browse window. But any such search returns a message like "The following word or form cannot be found in the current search version: αΙγ μον@*" for .@acgmpn or "αΙγ---ν@*" for @ac---n. Can anyone enlighten me on the right way to do this?