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    I realize it's a holiday weekend, but maybe someone will show pity and answer this question. I asked a similar question some time ago, but no one apparently took the time to answer it, alas!

    Popup Hyperlinks in BW9 Notes are truncated, that is, they are limited to around 4 or 5 verses. So if I have a verse(s) popup hyperlink indicating John 1-11, and hover the mouse over the link, I can see only the first 4 or 5 verses. This is true for the widely-used Reftagger, apparently (if I remember correctly) for "security reasons." This makes no sense.

    Is there a good reason why BW9 can't display the entire popup? Why does there have to be a display limitation? It would be nice to be able to view the entire link. Maybe this limitation, if it is one, could be fixed in BW10? Just curious.
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