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Thread: Using BW to preach Proverbs

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    Default Using BW to preach Proverbs

    In case you don't all regularly read Pyromaniacs — in which case, what's up with that? — I just started a how-sausage-is-made series on preaching Proverbs.

    Here's the first:

    In the second, I focus on how I use BibleWorks:

    Please feel free to interact there as well as here. Honestly, I can't imagine doing what I'm doing, and not being able to use BibleWorks.

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    Today's post adds a review of the commentaries I use (and don't).

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    Thanks for the posts and providing the links. I always appreciating going through others' approaches to exegesis and sermon preparation. I just skimmed through them now, but I'll take a closer look later.
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    Thanks, Lee. More to come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    Today's post adds a review of the commentaries I use (and don't).
    Another plus of Steinmann is that he's a BW user. He's posted before on the forums here and has even contributed files to the BibleWorks blog.
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    I knew there was something I liked about the man!

    Actually I knew it right away using Steinmann's material to prepare my book on Proverbs. One of my regrets is that I didn't have (didn't know of!) his commentary as I prepared that book, or it'd be all over my footnotes. That despite the fact that I amassed just about everything I could find.

    That's a regrettable result, I think, of him being in the Lutheran ghetto. This is a sheer pity. He holds to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, is a close and deep and academically up-to-date scholar, and he sees all of Scripture as pointing to Christ. All this should make him a "natural" for folks of my doctrinal persuasion or thereabouts but he just isn't known.

    So I'm doing what I can to get his name out. In fact, I just had a comment on the blog from someone encouraged by my art. to get Steinmann, and that's all for the good.

    If I ever do a second edition or a commentary, Steinmann will be all over it.

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