I've been doing a variety of searches in Hebrew and tonight I ran across a problem that I've not seen before. I was looking up a verse in Hebrew and trying to get the analysis window to show me information, but
1. Each time I tried to move my mouse to the analysis window, BW9 (on XP) either a) changed to some word I had not clicked on (yes, I was holding down shift), or b) it would not change at all.
2. I switched the version in the main browse window to NAU and di da fresh search fora n English word. The analysis window, however, continued to show the analysis for the Hebrew word NaTaN.

I've never seen anything like this. I closed and restarted BW in case there was something weird in its cache but that made no difference. I tried clicking on different tabs besides analysis. The window changed but when I cane back to the Analysis window, it still showed info on a Hebrew word I did not click on at all tonight.

Any suggestions forhowt ot fix this? Thanks.