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Thread: Q re. Two K K Uncial manuscripts

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    Default Q re. Two K K Uncial manuscripts

    I'm looking at the NA28th ed. textual apparatus. I'm trying to figure out what this "K" uncial manuscript is.

    For example, Mat 18:26 lists two seperate K manuscripts (mss) supporting the addition: κυριε

    Perhaps the first K manuscript is most likely a.k.a. 017 Cyprius from 9th century. But what is the second K?

    Curiously the NA27 ed. has the uncial "L" supporting κυριε, but in the NA28th apparatus at this passage "L" is not listed.

    Now in cases where one K supports one reading, while the other K supports a different reading, how do I know which K is which? This happens at the end of v.26.
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