Now I've read the manual on searching and looked at command-line examples, I'm not really any closer to what I need to do. I'd appreciate help with two things:
1. I want to search on all occurrences of a given lemma. As an example, I want to look for all the occurrences of Gimel-Aleph-Lamed, from the verb ga'al, in verb or noun form. The command line example shows
Version search string
WTM la;G" (but the example shows it in Hebrew).

I would like to ger a verse list and statistics on verbs and nouns based upon this word, "redeem." I did the search in English but I can't seem to get BW9 to give me statistics for the Hebrew. It will only give me statistics for the English version I first searched. I changed the search version to WTM, and then pasted the Hebrew lemma into the command line. That resulted in a highlighted verse in the browse window but suddenly the verse list became blank.

If, alternatively, I search the WTT, I can only find occurrences of the Lemma, but not variations on it like nouns. Also when I try to type the consonants into the command line, I ge a list of Hebrew words. I can't tell what I'm supposed to do with that, because when I scroled down to find my word and clicked on it, nothing happened. It showed that the lemma form is used 26 times. I need a count of all the occurrences, though I'm not sure how to exclude the homonym for "defile" How do I search on all forms based upon the lemma?

2. I want statistics for the words. That's the most important part. How many times does any form appear? How many occurrences of the verb? How many of the related noun?

It looks to me like ti should be possible to get this information, but I cannot figure out how. It's easy to search for Greek forms mostly, but I can't figure out the Hebrew one. Thanks.