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Thread: BW9 installation forced Flash installation and crashes the browser

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    Default BW9 installation forced Flash installation and crashes the browser

    EDIT: I lost all the days since this post, trying to undo the damage done by Bibleworks insisting on installing Macromedia Flash Player 10. Finally had to uninstall BW9 completely. Just now I tried to reinstall it again, having to type in all those CODES (which NO cannot be just pasted in, as they have four-code boxes which have to be TYPED) -- and OMITTED the videos, so to avoid forced installation of Flash Player. But NO it forced itself on my machine anyway. So I aborted the installation, when the dialogue box said 'click okay' to install it. BUT IT WAS INSTALLED ANYWAY, and the setup was aborted.

    So now I have to uninstall BW9 AGAIN, and maybe lose another 3 days undoing the damage. WHY INFLICT THIS ON US?? Going back to BW5. Note: this problem does not occur in XP, only in Win7. WRECKS THE MACHINE, requires many searchings for the Macromedia entries to totally wipe it out.

    Guess I cannot use BW9 on any Windows 7 machine, as I don't know how to STOP it from installing Macromedia Flash. Very unhappy camper.
    This is a heads-up to ask that the next time BW is updated to a new version, to OMIT forced installation of Macromedia Flash Player. I just installed BW9 on one of my machines, and having never seen the videos, made the colossal mistake of installing them to my big hard drive. That was about 8pm. It's now 6:19 am CT, and I'm still cleaning the mess that installation created, since it installed an OLD version of Flash, wiping out what I had, trashing Firefox, and a bunch of other problems.

    So please, in future editions, do NOT force installation of the media player. You don't know what will be current when a user installs, and Adobe is notorious for hanging up machines when an older installation replaces a newer one.
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