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Thread: mouse word hover not working

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    Default mouse word hover not working

    Anyone help on this question: When I hover my mouse over a word, the hover does not display at all or it displays the wrong word; that is, it displays a word near by, maybe over or below the word I need. It does not happen all the time but occasionally. Is there a setting or something that is causing the original language word to display incorrectly?


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    I don't think there's a setting that could be causing this (though I certainly don't know everything about the settings!). I had a similar problem at one point ( The BibleWorks staff came up with a fix very promptly. But it's important to know as much about the situation as possible. What version of BibleWorks are you using? (Use Help > About to get the precise number, including updates.) Are there particular Bible versions that this happens in? What else do you have open at the time, such as tabs in the Analysis Window? Randomly occurring problems like this are hard to reproduce, and therefore hard to fix, so having all the data will help them.
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    If this happens unpredictably, it may be caused by BW's program storage being corrupted.

    If this is the case, often restarting BW will make it go away.

    My second level of response is to close BW, hold shift while restarting it, to get the "BibleWorks Trouble-Shooting Otions" window. Check the "Rebuild Version Data" under "Option 1", and click on "Perform the selected options and run Bibleworks" button. This seems to cause BW to reset much of the working storage without clobbering any of your settings.
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