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Thread: New Mac Installer available for testing! Greek font improvements...

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    Default New Mac Installer available for testing! Greek font improvements...

    Hello, Friends!
    We have a new BW Mac Installer available for testing if you have time. This update greatly improves the BWGrkl Greek font appearance on screen. Also, the Command Line’s auto-complete drop down list should now work properly when you click or press shift-Enter on a word. Finally, we added support to increase the font sizes in the CHM windows (also requires forthcoming EXE update).
    To test it, you do NOT have to re-install the program. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Download the test installer:
    2. Run the installer and drag the BW icon onto the Applications folder.
    3. When asked if you want to Keep both or Replace, please select Replace.
    4. You can now run BibleWorks. After startup, the lower left corner should show MCW 9r3-24.

    The file is only 70MB and is simple to install (no need to re-install the entire program). You can also roll back to the previous public installer if needed.
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