Greetings Bible scholars!

I currently work at a small Christian university in Southwestern Michigan. I am an employee in their university publishing house. I'm currently working on a book that uses both Hebrew and Greek extensively. My job is to take the print copy that has been designed in Adobe InDesign CS6 and generate ePub and MOBI digital versions for tablets and other e-readers. This is normally not too tough of a task, but in this case all of the Hebrew in the document is in hbwebb font!!!! Thus, it converts from Hebrew characters in InDesign to regular Roman characters in my XML document, resulting in nonsensical gobbledygook in my digital version. No good, I say!

I was able to find that there were macros for converting hbwebb to a Unicode font in Microsoft Word. However, I am not working in Word because it is no good for publishing purposes. And before someone asks, no I can't just replace the words by copy and pasting Bible verses. This book has over 100 pages of text with tables, charts, etc with Hebrew in them because it is an intensive word-study. So while there are some Bible verses, for the most part it is all kinds of different Hebrew words from all over BHS! This is definitely the kind of thing for which a macro is desperately needed.

Are there any kind souls out there that could point me toward a macro for converting both Hebrew and Greek from the BibleWorks fonts to Unicode? I don't care which Unicode font as I can modify the appearance with my CSS code once I've got the individual characters correctly exporting as something legible.

Thank you so very, very much in advance for your kind assistance. I hope you have a blessed, lovely day despite the -4 temperature blanketing much of the country. Ug.