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Thread: Caution when pasting in MS Word if you'll embed fonts

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    Default Caution when pasting in MS Word if you'll embed fonts

    Usually when computer glitches hit me, someone else will experience them also. Ergo this post. I couldn't find some other thread on a similar topic.

    Issue: All day I've been suddenly having problems pasting BW text into MS Word; the latter suddenly keeps crashing. It's probably related to some Windows update, since I've been pasting BW text into Word 2002 or 2003 for years, yet this problem never happened before.

    It happens now in Windows 7 with BW5 or BW9, in MS Word 2003 or 2002. It happens when using XP instead of Win7 (both 32-bit, I don't have 64-bit). It happens whether Windows updates are current, or about a month behind. It happens whether you use the old BW5 fonts, or the new BW9 fonts; even if in Bibleworks you'd disable Unicode for export and specified BW5 font names instead, only Unicode is exported. The Export Options Flags don't have any effect, either. So none of those things resolve the problem in any configuration I could find.

    Changing any of the above variables alters when and how the crash occurs, but it still crashes. The crash is slower to occur if using XP in Word 2003, if XP wasn't updated for the Word 2003 packet changes, and the Windows updates are several weeks in arrears. So definitely something related to Windows updates, helps cause this glitch.

    After five hours' troubleshooting, I've now learned the primary cause is due to EMBEDDING FONTS. That's an option in the MS Word 'Save' tab (Tools Options). So it was handy, if you'd be working on the same document on multiple machines. However, it greatly increases document size. So long as the BibleWorks copyright is provided, it's not a problem with Bibleworks fonts, which one can also download for free; so helps to sell the software. At least, that's been my experience. But now, it makes MS Word 2002 or 2003, crash.

    So if you suddenly find you have the same problem, turn off the EMBED option in MS Word. The document will not be damaged; but of course, the fonts won't be embedded, either.
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    Thanks for the heads-up.
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