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Thread: Briefly: repeating Database activation notice

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    Default Briefly: repeating Database activation notice

    On my PC, each time I open BW9 I get the message that two db's are not activated. I go to the db listing, and all show as activated. I use the activate all by internet option and, of course, nothing happens. Then next time I open, I get the same message. This has gone on for weeks.

    Any ideers?

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    Hm; not a widespread issue, I'm guessing.

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    It hasn't shown up for me, but I'm wondering if unchecking

    Main Menu
    Startup Options
    Check for Locked Databases on Startup

    might make the symptom go away.

    Of course, this would do nothing about the underlying cause.

    If you want to try some free-lance repair, I'd suggest the following:
    When I get unexpected behaviour from BW, my first response is to exit BW, then restart with shift key held down, then under Option 1 select "Rebuild Version Data", and "Perform the selected options and run Bibleworks". This seems to do enough reinitialization to clean up many problems, without destroying any of my settings.
    If that doesn't help I restore an earlier checkpointed Initialization file (assuming that you have the Shutdown Option to "Save checkpoint on exit" set on). If you can go back to an ini file before the annoying behaviour began it may clean it up for you, while losing only the settings you changed since that time. For this start BW with shift key held down, but use Option 3, "Restore Previous Version (restore checkpoint)", uncheck "Executable" and "Context file", and select the most recent checkpoint whose date is before the annoying behaviour.

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    Thank you, Jim!

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