Is it possible to stack the Search, Browse, and Analysis panes in BibleWorks 8?

I recently received a Windows 8.1 (full, not RT) tablet (HP Omni 10) and have been fiddling with my layout and after a number of hours playing around I think the above scenario would be the most useful due to the displays size (10.1 inch).

I am using the tablet a lot of Portrait mode (tall) as this works great to see an entire page in a Word Document or a entire page in a PDF book. Obviously 3 columns is too narrow but stacking the Analysis/Browse windows gives some breathing room--but not a ton. Going the next step and stacking all three would be perfect.


For those wondering about the device: The tablet has a crisp 1920x1200 (16:10) so I have set Windows to scale everything, which works fine. I did have to set down the fonts in BW a little. The tablet has the new Intel Atom out-of-order processors (Bay Trail) and 2GB of memory so it is snappy. No problems having Word, BW, FireFox with Zotero, and a large PDF book open at the same time. To install BW I just copied the DVD to an SD card on my PC and then plugged it in the tablet and installed.