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Thread: Installing BW9 from External Drive

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    Default Installing BW9 from External Drive

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience in installing BW from an external hard drive.

    My laptop does not have a DVD player so I am forced to install from some sort of external drive. I currently own a thumb drive that has 8 gigs of space and I also have an external drive that would have plenty of space. If I used the external hard drive I could just copy the BibleWorks DVD's to the hard drive via my desktop and then install from the external hard drive via the USB port.

    Could someone instruct me as the best way to layout the directory structure on the external hard drive if I install it from there?


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    See this thread: where Mike Bushell says:
    The easiest way is to copy the files to a USB thumb drive. Of course you'd have to have another computer to do that. Copy each DVD to a separate folder: disk1,disk2,disk3. Then run the setup in the first folder.
    Should be the same with an external hard drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Wert View Post
    See this thread: where Mike Bushell says:

    Should be the same with an external hard drive.
    Ok, thank you!

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    Well, old habits die hard and I've still been using BW on my desktop but really want to put it on my laptop now. I tried to do a 'copy/paste' to copy all the files on Disk 1 over to a thumb drive. When I did the Paste it gave me an error message saying that there were compressed files on the disk. I'm not sure why that would be a problem. Should I be trying to do the Copy a different way? Thanks for the help.

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