I'm almost happy with BW9 under Linux-Ubuntu (Kubuntu 12.04 LTS) because it worked out-of-the-box under WINE 1.6 except searching.

When I enter search terms with umlaut like ".söhne" then the character "ö" is correctly displayed in the command line but the search yields no entries, instead there is a prompt "... word or form cannot be found ... söhne" although it is in the searched version over 1300 times.

I changed the keyboard layout to US and entered the umlaut by composing (compose+"+o), same result. It doesn't seem to be connected to the keyboard layout (see here but didn't fit since WINE's registry on my computer doesn't have these entries) though.

Searching for ".sohnes" results in the same error. Searching for ".sohn" just works fine. Strange ...

Even more strange that searching for ".sohnes" in ELB works fine, in SCL there is the same error.

I'd welcome any hint for fixing that.

Thank you in advance,