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Thread: Backing up BW folders for multiple pc's

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    Default Backing up BW folders for multiple pc's

    I've been using and loving SugarSync's free service, thanks to the recommendation of someone here. But starting next year, they're charging for everything.

    Anyone have a good, simple, equally-robust free replacement that you like?

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    I'm new to this whole thing, but someone recommended Copy to me:

    I've been using it about a month. So far so good.
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    I'm probably the one who recommended Sugarsync. The reason for doing so was because A) it was free, B) you got 5GB free which was more than most were offering at the time, and C) and most importantly, unlike other such services, Sugarsync allowed you to choose which (sub)folders to sync rather than forcing you to put everything in a designated folder. With BibleWorks, that meant that you could do the normal installation, then use Sugarsync and point to the BW9 subfolders you wanted to sync. Sweet!

    Now... bummer about a paid service, but I suppose you can't blame them. It's not terrible expensive, but it is clearly geared for somewhat larger operations, since the minimum account starts at 60GB. If you are wanting to back up a bunch of pictures in addition to your data, it might be a good deal. For me, I'm backing up all my BW notes, timelines, synopsis, and ase folders along with all my daily working stuff, and I have less than 10GB.

    So, options...

    • Box 10GB free - You can do it with Box, but it requires that you edit your Windows registry. Not ideal... (Looks to be similarly tricky on a Mac.)
    • Dropbox 3GB free - Dropbox really needs you to keep things in its Dropbox folder. This could work, but you would need to move your BW folders into Dropbox and then change a bunch of file paths by editing the bs900.ini file. Or, I suppose you could create symbolic links, but that's a pain too.
    • Copy - 15GB free - This should work! You need to create shortcuts (Win) or aliases (Mac), and simply put them in the Copy folder. It works well. Dan Phillips Lee (woops!) recommends it, so it must be good.
    • Google Drive 15GB free - Not really a syncing service, but you can Insync to do so.
    • SkyDrive 7GB free - Part of Microsoft's online suite. If you are using Microsoft Office, this is a good way to share docs and collaborate on them.
    • Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB free - You can save any digital content here, but it is not intended as a syncing service.

    How do I keep all these services straight?
    Jolicloud It provides a way to aggregate all your accounts (including FB, Google+, Flickr, Picasa, etc.) Free (for now, at least!) and highly recommended.

    Hope that helps.
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    Dan Phillips recommends Copy? Well, then!

    Thanks for all that, Mark!

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    I fixed the credit to Lee in my earlier post, but I have also now done a more complete review of online backup/syncing services on my blog HERE.
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Professor of Biblical Studies
    Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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    Thanks, Doc. I read that, and will look into Copy.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to add a home pc to Sugarsync, particularly to sync BW Notes files -- and it's saying that it can't because it has system files. Shouldn't be any different than any other Notes files on the other three pc's that are syncing. Have you run into that?

    I think I got it. Don't ask how. As we say in IT, "FBM" (Fixed By Magic).
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