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Thread: Odd display/responsiveness issue

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    Question Odd display/responsiveness issue

    I'm running all the latest updates of BW9, on an iMac (Mavericks) and a 2nd monitor, an 18" Dell at lower resolution.

    BW under the emulator is opening on the second monitor, with the program running off the side. Its responsive, but can't be resized or moved. I CAN drag it to the main screen... but then it becomes completely unresponsive, and still has part of the window missing, oddly enough. The only option is to restart. I realized the odds of another BW 9 customer running the Mac version on a 2-monitor imace setup are low, but wanted to post it here anyway. Video of the problem, about 10Mb.

    I haven't rebooted it yet, that will probably help.

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    Hi Ben,
    I can confirm this behavior. I also have WordSearch running on the same emulator and it suffers from the same issues.

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    Glad it's not just me.
    The problem is, I can't access my notes. That portion of the program is off the screen.

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    Default Same Problem

    Actually, I'm having a very similar problem. I'm using BibleWorks 9 on my Macbook Air with a dual monitor and I can't drag it from one screen to the other - it simply disappears. I didn't have this problem until upgrading my Mac to Mavericks, so I'm guessing that's what caused it.

    Edit: I can move the window between monitors by using Mission Control but, like Ben, it becomes unresponsive there until I drag it back to the original monitor.
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