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Thread: Question Concerning Activating Manuscripts Tab

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    Default Question Concerning Activating Manuscripts Tab

    Hello, I am getting the following message on the "BibleWorks Helpful Hint" dialog box:

    "You do not have the necessary files installed for using the Manuscripts Tab. I you want
    to use this feature you need to modify your installation. It is recommended that you install
    all greek texts., but these are required: SCR, BYZ, BNT, GNT, BGT

    I do not know what text each of these abbreviations refer to. Could someone enlighten me on these.

    (I "binged" these with the word 'greek' but no luck.)

    EDIT: I just wanted to add that if I select 'Choose Search Version' on the Search menu, it shows all these abbreviations. If I choose one of them then it becomes my search version. I'm not 100% sure if this means that they are all installed. If it means that their all installed, then I'm puzzled as to why I am getting that dialog box.

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