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Thread: BW9 for Mac Public Review and Updating

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    Default BW9 for Mac Public Review and Updating

    I have rev 2 of BW9 and am using the Public Review version of BW9 for Mac.

    1. I have recently upgraded my OS to Maverick and reinstalled my BW9 for Mac Public Review. When I run BW9, it will automatically quit on its own, saying "Housing cleaning". What is going on and how do I correct this issue?

    2. What are my options to update the Mac installer? Can I update directly from my Public Review version or do I have to purchase the installer?

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    Hi Benson--To get the new installer to work in Mavericks, you have to RESTART your Mac and then follow these steps:
    If it was already working fine for you, you probably won't have to reinstall from the DVDs.
    Hope that helps.

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