It is encouraging to hear that BW10 will (probably) include NETS, either as a module or whatever, doesn't matter to me.

I bought an edition of Accordance that includes NETS, but frankly BibleWorks is a far superior product, and I would like to stick with BW to the bitter end.

The NETS is based mostly on the Gottingen LXX, so it would be nice if BibleWorks 10 included this also as a module, since it is so expensive. (I bought it at certain price-gouging place for around $700!).

True, the PDFs are available free online, but being PDFs they are in many ways cumbersome to use.

It took IOSCS over 10 years to produce NETS because there were so many delays in the various assignments, so it would not be feasible to produce a new one (minus the tous and thees, etc.), plus NETS is good enough. Just make sure to include the 2009 edition (which includes updated material).