Just a quick note to point out (as is implied in Glenn's response of 03:18 PM) that the Hebrew of the Qumran scrolls (the sectarian ones, not the biblical ones) is different in several ways from that of the TaNaK. One of these is the disuse of the waw-consecutive construction. I'm a little surprised that there are some waw-consecutive imperfects (but it's been a long time since I looked closely at the scrolls), and the lack of waw-consecutive perfects is to be expected. Even in the later books of the Hebrew Bible, the waw-consecutive is falling out of use, and the Qumran writers, later still, perhaps only use it when they are intentionally trying to sound "biblical" (the same was some English-speaking Christians will pray using "thee" and "thou"). In the Hebrew of the Mishnah, of course, the waw-consecutive is gone for good.