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I don't use the CNTTS that much yet, but this is a helpful discussion in approaching it. I think we may be a bit at cross-purposes here. Don, what you're referencing seems to be the codes that appear immediately after the text in each individual variation unit (e.g., S 0 -; - 1 O), while I think Peter was inquiring about the numbering system for the variation units themselves (e.g., 0.0, 1.0).

Peter, it would help me follow this if you would give an example of a specific verse and its variation units.
Hello David and Peter,

Peter, I appreciate Bill Warren's reply and think it supplements the video's explanation helpfully--although I must say that the video does a good job of clearing things up (I watched it when I first purchased BW9, but with time, things become rusty!).

David, actually I think Peter and I were asking the same question. Looking at what he wrote afterwards and Glen Weaver's reply confirms that in my mind. Again, this is a nice tool, but it takes a little bit of mastering to get a grasp of its details.