Hello all,

I'm trying to find a way of isolating asyndetic phrases in the Pauline epistles. Theoretically, it shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm having trouble.

My initial thought was that I would need to to use the GSE with the following setup:
- Box 1: (BGM) *@* (specifying position: "1 from beginning"
- Box 2: plug in a previous iel search on δε, μεν, γαρ, ουν, γε and set this box to "Invert results (NOT)"
- connecting box with "exactly 0"

That, theoretically, should take care of all the verses with post-positive particles in second position. This is what it looks like:

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However, as can be seen by looking at the list, these particles aren't filtered out! So there's a first problem.

Secondly, I would still need to find a way to filter out post-positive particles in 3d (or 4th) place, then, thirdly, filtering out phrases beginning with και, αλλα, αρα, etc.

Any thoughts?

Donald Cobb
Aix-en-Provence, France