I was looking up Umberto Cassuto on Wiki and the thought came to me again about testing for J, E, D and P, or multiple authorships in Isaiah and so on, by using BibleWorks to analyse word usage patterns, syntactic regularities and so on. This is just the sort of thing I can imagine PhD students in conservative (or worse/better) colleges doing. But no sign in JETS or links in the sort of general conservative (or better/worse) sites I visit from time to time. Is it that people have tried but not liked the results? If so, are there computer analyses confirming 'critical' understandings?

1) Has anyone on the forum done this, or something like it? Do they have any comments on what they did, links to their results?

2) Are there sites where this sort of analysis is undertaken?

3) Are there problems with using Bibleworks to do this? Anyone sceptical about this sort of undertaking with a computer?

I use BibleWorks for simple word searches, reference to HALOT, BDAG. So although I have had the program for a good number of years now doing this sort of thing myself I have always considered beyond me.

I realise this is likely to be have considered before, so links to any threads would be appreciated. I do not visit the forum often.

Tony Garrood