Dear Friends,
I'm checking the accents and breathing marks of a Greek text and want to compare it with the Greek text of NT-Byz (Rp 2005), that means I compare this text with Byz and want to know whether all breathing marks or accents are correct. Therefore I check Teststellen (Test passages) with Words e.g. with Iota subscriptum. Now I want to search for all Words containing a Iota subscriptum in BibleWorks (Byz). Is this possible - I haven'd found how it works by now. I know, that searching for Accents has to be clicked in the GSE. But that's all. So is it possible to search for Words with a certain Accent/Breathing mark (Akut/Gravis/Circumflext/Spritus) just to have Teststellen?
All help is welcome - please answer soon as the Greek text has to be submitted soon.
Yours in Christ !