Thanks, Jim! I turned this on, and now when I specify a range, e.g., Luke 18:1-8, not only do I see this passage as a continuous block when using Multiple-Version Mode, but when I click the "footprints" (Toggle Browse Mode) to switch to Single-Version and then click them again to go back to Multiple-Version, the specified range is once again displayed. Great tip!

From the Help file for this (as always) tersely-worded option:

If this option is enabled, when you enter a range on the Command Line, the range will be remembered when the Browse Window is refreshed. The range is remembered only for the last verse entered on the Command Line. This allows you to scroll backwards and forwards and return to the original verse and have the original range of verses restored. It also retains the Browse Window verse range in multiple-version mode when the window is repainted by BibleWorks (for example, when you highlight and color a portion of text). This option is necessary for some people because by design the Browse Window was not intended originally to display multiple verses in multiple version mode.