Is it my imagination or has BW9 recently changed the way text is displayed in the Browse Window? Up until very recently, while in Browse Mode, I was able to type in a range of verses (say Acts 9:1-10) and the verses would display as one continuous block (without line divisions). However, all searches are now displaying the results each verse on a new line (KJV style).

I went to Tools>Options>General>Flags>Browse Window Configuration Options thinking I would (surely) find a box controlling this display feature. If it is there, I don't see it. The "Remove CLRF characters from Browse Window Export" box does not control the display, only the export. I've searched several other places and I don't see a control for the display.

Now, I do realize that I can set the COPY preferences to copy and paste any selected group of texts to MS Word as a single block by removing the CRLF characters. That's great. Now, why not the Browse Window display? Why recently has this changed?