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    Default Text Display in Browse Window

    Is it my imagination or has BW9 recently changed the way text is displayed in the Browse Window? Up until very recently, while in Browse Mode, I was able to type in a range of verses (say Acts 9:1-10) and the verses would display as one continuous block (without line divisions). However, all searches are now displaying the results each verse on a new line (KJV style).

    I went to Tools>Options>General>Flags>Browse Window Configuration Options thinking I would (surely) find a box controlling this display feature. If it is there, I don't see it. The "Remove CLRF characters from Browse Window Export" box does not control the display, only the export. I've searched several other places and I don't see a control for the display.

    Now, I do realize that I can set the COPY preferences to copy and paste any selected group of texts to MS Word as a single block by removing the CRLF characters. That's great. Now, why not the Browse Window display? Why recently has this changed?


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    Default It must be a setting

    It must be a setting, I have the latest version of BW9 and I still see a verse range as a single block.

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    I'm not sure exactly how it's set up, but sometimes when I go to a new section, it will show up in the browse window in the original language text (even if I had been in an English text) in a continuous flow.
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    I think it has to do with the foot print button on theBrowse window tool bar.

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    I'm trying to figure this out too. I don't like reading texts that are broken up by verses. Would rather see them as paragraphs.

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    robrecht, the desire to see texts in paragraphs is a long-standing one around here. I don't know if it will be available in BW 10 or not, nor is there any promise that BW 10 will appear soon. So our choices are continuous text (Single-Version Mode) and one-verse-at-a-time (Multiple-Version Mode). The little "footprints" icon in both the Browse window and the browse tab in the Analysis window switches between the two. I generally keep the Browse window set to Multiple-Version, to compare versions for the search result itself, and the Analysis window browse tab set to Single-Version, to see a larger context in my preferred version.

    But back to philo's original (long-ago) question, I do see the entire passage in a continuous block when I input a passage on the Command Line (e.g., Luke 18:1-8), when I have Multiple-Version Mode set. Clicking the "footprints" (Toggle Browse Mode) switches to Single-Version, and then I see continuous text running beyond my passage. Clicking again reverts to Multiple-Version display of the first verse of my passage.

    Something I've noticed, and I think mentioned long ago, is that at some point in the last year or so the browse tab in the Analysis window started defaulting to Multiple-Version Mode, forcing me to click the "footprints" to get Single-Version. Generally this will happen when I first start BW, for instance, or sometimes when loading a set of tabs from disk. It's unpredictable, but it always forces me to do what seems to me to be an unnecessary click.
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