The new installer installs despite its name to 9r3-13. The keyboard issue reported elsewhere in this forum is still present. But additionally in this build, despite maintaining default settings for keyboard, and in spite of the online instructions for enabling a chosen Hebrew keyboard, BW keeps switching me automatically to the Unicode Hex Input layout immediately when I press the spacebar or get far enough for a list to start showing below the command window.

That would not be a problem except that so far BW interprets and displays the wildcard "*" (Shift-8, or any combination of modifiers with 8) not as an asterisk, but as an 8. It also interprets and displays the colon as a semi-colon. The Unicode Hex layout works perfectly in my other Mac programs. But the result in BW is that one must use the drop down menu to get the asterisk. And when using, say, "John 6;10" to display a passage, what comes up is a continuous chapter text in browse mode, and it takes two taps on the Browse toggle (the little feet) to get to John 6:1 -- the first tap separates the continuous text into paragraphs each one verse long; the next tap displays the multi-version single-verse comparison mode.

I have all my language settings working in Mellel, NisusWriterPro for multiple languages with preferred keyboard layouts. The present behavior which I did not notice before in BW-Mac is puzzling.