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    A few months ago I scanned the Latin text (only) from both volumes W. Wigan Harvey's Sancti Irenaei: Libros quinque adversus haereses (1857) with ABBYY FinerReader 11, but as usual it had trouble reading certain letters and ligatures used in the typeface. As the surviving Greek fragmnents are available in Unicode for download I would like to create a user database of this text. However, I need a proofreader as I am not proficient in Latin. Basically I would like help comparing the scanned text with the original text in PDF format. Credit will be given for help. Why do I want to create a user database of a text I am not able to read in the original language? I have grammars and dictionaries and I am interested in what Irenaeus has to say. Interested persons can contact me at dhindley -at- and I will send you the OCR'd PDFs and Word 2010 files (or Word 93/2007 if you like). Thank you for your input. Dave Hindley

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    I am a little perplexed by the total lack of interest in the project to create a Latin Irenaeus user database.

    Is it because Irenaeus' Five Books against Heresies survives primarily in Latin and not a "proper" Biblical language like Greek?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hindley View Post
    ...I am a little perplexed by the total lack of interest in the project to create a Latin Irenaeus user database
    Be not perplexed (or discouraged), Dave. Such is the life of folks like us - with such interesting, albeit esoteric interests.

    The fact that anything gets done like this, is a rare miracle of will-power and luck (for the Monergists, it's just Providence, though for some of the more pious Wesleyans among us it would be will-power and Providence rather than will-power and luck). Think of just how small a segment of the population would be remotely interested in the kinds of things we're interested in (Interest). Then think of the subset that is proficient enough in BibleWorks to even read this post (BibleWorks). Next, think of those who would actually have the time to work on such a project (Free time) and then those who would actually be motivated enough to follow through (Motivation).

    Put all that together and you have the little red diamond pictured below.

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    Default Fantastic! It was what he was looking for.

    David, I just found your post of ... 2005 !!

    Do you still have scanned S. Ireneu in Latin? I'm highly interested

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