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Thread: BW 9.0 quick reinstallation?

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    Default BW 9.0 quick reinstallation?

    I'm about to format my computer and re-install all the software. I wonder is there anyway for quick re-installation?
    I have some user-created notes and documents from other resource which were added later. I wonder how can I restore these?
    Is there any tutorial?

    Thank you very much!

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    Using "My Computer" find the BibleWorks9 folder (or whichever version of BW you are using). Copy to an external drive (e.g. thumb drive) your notes folder, patches folder (unless you don't mind downloaded them all again), userdb folder, and the BW900.ini file (in the main BW9 folder). After you reinstall BW9 from the disk, copy all these folders/files back into the BibleWorks9 folder, launch BW9 and run the updater, choosing to update all the patches (or at least the latest dated patches of the same name). An alternative would be to uninstall BW from the disk. Then copy everything which is left in the BW folder to your external drive. Then after you reinstall BW, copy everything from the external drive back into the BW9 folder. This would preserve all the changes you made since you first installed BW9, including some you may not have thought of. But don't just overwrite the BW folders, because the folders you saved in this way do not contain any of the files which are on the installation disk. I hope this helps. Mark Eddy

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    That's great!
    Thank you very much!

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