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Thread: Remapping the unicode keyboard map

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    Default Remapping the unicode keyboard map

    I've used the bwgrkl font since the 1990s with BW 4.0. I'm so used to typing Greek in this font that I do so without even thinking about keystrokes. But now I'm trying to use unicode instead of a TT font like Bwgrkl and am having the most difficult time with the keyboard arrangement for Greek in unicode. Omega is v, why not w? Upsilon is y, why not u? etc.

    Is there a simple way to remap the unicode keyboard map so it matches bwgrkl exactly?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It takes a bit of fiddling to figure it out, but you can use the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to modify an existing unicode Greek keyboard.
    Download it here:

    Another option is to use Tavultesoft's Keyman. There are a couple different polytonic Greek keyboards that you can use, and you can also get the keyboard developer.
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    Thanks, Mark. I'll have to explore those options. I'm almost afraid to attempt to change keyboard configuration for fear I'll really mess it up. Thanks again.

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