Thank you very much!
It is a little bit different from what you have described. I guess because you use an old version of BW? (Mine is BW 9.0. It is Unicode already, therefore I think there is no need to choose a Unicode font as such. But it would be helpful to help my professor. Thank you.)
However, I was able to insert a verse into the Word. I learned a new skill. Thank you very much!

If I did it rightly, it seems that I can only insert a version to the Word. It is not changing the words in the word document to Unicode. Therefore, in most cases, where they were only word(s), phrase(s) rather than a verse, this function does not help much.

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First in BW works place the cursor in the browse window and press<x> (just the letter, not brackets).
In your document, at the position you want to copy to, press <control><shift><b>. This will open your pop up copy window.
You will need to configure your format the first time so when the window opens left click Favorites. Select "configure copy popup favorites" from the bottom of the drop down menu.
This will open the "BW Options Window" with verse list or range selected.
Make sure that Export Unicode Hebrew is checked. Select Where to copy the verse list with the radio buttons.
Next in the list at the left select Fonts under the general heading, now select the appropriate Unicode Hebrew font and size. Click OK and it will take you back to the popup. Enter the verse range you want to copy and it will insert it in you document.
Check you have a copy of the original in your document except no accents or vowels then delete pointed text.

I hope that is clear enough.