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Thread: BibleWorks and Tablets

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    Default Bibleworks on Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet2

    I was surprised by my wife with a ThinkPad Tablet2. First thing I did was to install BibleWorks9. It is very nice. I have a DVD drive with an external power supply (I don't know that the usb on the tablet has enough oomph to power an external drive).
    Installation was flawless. I love having BibleWorks on the go now, without setting up my laptop.

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    Itís a great convenience, congratulations!

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    Default tablet

    I wanted to share my experience with BibleWorks 9 and tablet. I could not find much info on it when I originally looked . Hopefully this helps new users . I bought an Acer 700 w with windows 8 and it is 64 bit. I did not realize bible works was not specifically made for use with 64 bit. However, I have had no issues at all with BibleWorks 9 on my tablet. I do recommend a Bluetooth mouse. I used a usb cd drive to load BibleWorks on my tablet. My wife has the Samsung tablet 32 I have not installed it on there. I don't see any advantages of either tablet over the other based on other use. I did get docking station and keyboard it was bundled with tablet. The Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse is the way to go if your making extensive notes in BibleWorks 9. I have used other versions of Bibleworks on laptops and desktops. I enjoy the tablet the best.

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