I would love to get a tablet. As the ability to run BibleWorks is one of my more significant considerations, I guess I'm locked into a Windows 8 (full version and not RT) tablet. But at a whopping price tag of $899 (for 64 GB) or $999 (for 128 GB), it is a very expensive proposition right now. I'm kind of hoping they will go down in price over the next few months. I realize there are no guarantees of that. I'm also hearing that the demand for Windows Tablets is not running very high right now. In fact, I heard that one computer maker that was going to make their own version of a Windows 8 tablet has now scrapped those plans. (By the way, I should say that I have seen BibleWorks in action on a Microsoft Surface Tablet and it was very impressive.) But I am concerned about the current pricing of Windows 8 tablets and their long-term viability. So, in no specific order, I had a few questions:

1. As of right now, I am aware that only Samsung and Microsoft are making Windows 8 tablets. Anyone have a good feel about which of these two presents the better option?

2. Are there any plans afoot to eventually create a version of BibleWorks for Android tablets (or the iPad for that matter)?

Grateful for any additional insights.